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Brashura 1 year ago
cuando quieras hacemos un trii
Nagore 1 year ago
Mueller absolutely got Don McGahn to admit under oath that DT ordered him to prosecute Clinton and Comey.
Kigalar 1 year ago
there is nothing in the post that says they are married.. for all we know she has been like this with him for over 15 years. and she is always digging for "proof of infidelity". this could very well windup being a florida woman imagines infidelity, and does "whatever" she needs to cut bait and get out. after 15 years of this, i would think this guys pretty miserable as well.
Bram 1 year ago
One problem solved. Now, for the alcohol issue.
Daijar 1 year ago
Salacious relentless fucking. Deep hard wide open assfuck. DP and jizz sucking butt to mouth. PMW 'ooh la la. Fabulous.